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Rules for Spring Cup 2001 Elite Team Competition

1. The competition is based upon the result of the elite classes D17-18E,D19-20E and D21 E1, plus H17-18E, H19-20E and H21E1 of the Spring Cup Classic

2. Runners count in the competition for the teams under which they are entered into the Spring Cup Classic event.

3. Clubs/teams score points based upon the ranking of their 7 best runners in total in the above mentioned classes in Spring Cup Classic.

a. In each class the runners are given point corresponding to their time. The winner of a class gets 2000 points. Other runners get one point less for each second he/she is after the winner. Hence, a runner 20 seconds slower than the winner of a class gets 2000-20=1980 points.
b. If a runner is more than 2000 seconds after the winner he/she gets 0 points.
c. The point total of the club/team is calculated as the sum of the 7 runners scoring the most points.
- If club/team has more than 7 runners in total in the 6 classes, only the top 7 counts
- If a club/team has less than 7 runners in the 6 classes, all runners count
d. The maximum number of points are 2000x7=14000 points
4. The Clubs/Teams with the most points win.

5. Prizes to the top 5 clubs/teams are awarded.

1. Prize 10000 DKK
2. Prize 6000 DKK
3. Prize 4000 DKK
4. Prize 2500 DKK
5. Prize 1000 DKK
6. If 2 or more clubs/teams of the top 5 score the same number of points their prizes are divided into equal parts between the winners. Example: If 2 teams score to reach 3rd place the prizes for 3rd and 4th places are shared equally between the 2 teams, each getting (4000+2500)/2 = 3250 DKK.

7. Cancellation of classes

a. If one of the 6 classes is cancelled the competition uses the results of the 5 remaining classes, but otherwise with unchanged rules.
b. If 2 of the 6 classes are cancelled the competition uses the results of the 4 remaining classes. The number of runners used in the competition is reduced to 5. Otherwise unchanged rules
c. If 3 or more classes are cancelled the entire competition is cancelled.
8. Any prize money will be transferred to bank accounts provided by the winning teams after the event. Information on the accounts to use must reach the Event information prior to the clubs/teams leaving Spring Cup.

9. Clubs/Teams, not having paid fully the Spring cup fees, cannot participate in the Elite Competition

10. Winning clubs/teams will be celebrated at the prize ceremony Saturday. It is mandatory for the winning teams to be present.


> Winner 2001

Team Poland winner of Elite Team Competition 2001