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> Løberen's Youth Cup

1. The Competition is based upon the results of the classes D11-12A, D13-14A, D15-16A, H11-12A, H13-14A, and H15-16A in Spring Cup Classic.

2. Runners count in the competition for the teams under which they are entered into the Spring Cup Classic event.

3. Clubs automatically participate in the competition in a class if least 3 runners complete that class in the Spring Cup Classic.

4. In each class the time of the 3 best runners of each club is added.

5. Prizes are presented to the best team (shortest time) in each class.

6. The 3 counting runners on the winning teams each receive a prize worth DKK 200 from the sports shop LØBEREN, which is present during the event.

7. Cancellations
a. If a class is cancelled the competition of this class is also cancelled.
b. If no team has at least 3 counting runners completing a class, the competition of this class is cancelled

8. The runners of the winning teams will be celebrated at the prize ceremony Saturday. It is mandatory for the winner to be present.


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